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We understand that our clients require a diligent and trusting partnership with their search consultant, which often calls for depth of knowledge, trust and agreed expectations.

With our mandates being often complex and sensitive, we undertake them with discretion, tact and professionalism. Our research department is an integral part of our business, enabling us to deliver comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date market intelligence.

Clients choose to partner with us not just for our talent networks and quality of service, but also due to the deep passion we all possess for the industry. This is why we are trusted partners for some of the most respected and prestigious law firms and institutions.

We seek only
the very best

Talent Network

Our expert knowledge has ensured since inception that we provide the correct advice, guidance and expertise to our talent network. Each individual that we represent is partnered with a specialist consultant, who can assess and curate opportunities that are enriching both technically and commercially, and aligned to long-term aspirations.

Our talent network can rely on us for exclusive market insight and confidential advice, regardless of whether they are seeking a new opportunity or not. This shared understanding and unique approach is why certain individuals in our talent network will solely seek guidance from us.

If you are an individual who is looking to be represented by a firm that has an endearment for people, and a passion for the sector, we guarantee that you will feel confident when partnering with Halkin.


Experienced consultants bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to Halkin, and we are always open to speaking with individuals who have an interest in joining us.

What separates us from other firms is our commitment to partnership and quality of service. Consultants who practise these values are often drawn to us because of our deliberate choice to retain a boutique structure and feel.

When you join Halkin as an experienced consultant, you will enter a tight-knit, collaborative team who are all working towards the same shared goals. We talk to one another, learn from each other and most importantly, respect each other.

Your knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to us and the rest of the team, and in exchange, we will offer you progression, tailored training, and guidance to enable you to reach your goals.


Graduates are seen as the future of Halkin, and our goal is to hire aspiring consultants who have a passion for the sector, as well as a thirst for learning and development. Our commitment to graduates led us to develop The Halkin Academy. The objective of the academy is to provide resources, training and guidance so the future leaders of Halkin can flourish.

The Halkin Academy consists of a rigorous training programme where you will be guided on best practice as well as building your technical skills. You will be taught about how we operate internally, as well as how to interact with clients and your talent network.

We pride ourselves on having niche specialisms, and you will have the opportunity to develop a depth of knowledge within your market, thus enabling you to provide a considered and consultative service as you evolve with us.

If you are contemplating a career with The Halkin Partnership or joining the Halkin Academy as a graduate, please email for more information. One of the team will reach out to you.