London Partner Hires January – December 2020

2020 was a challenging year for all, and the legal sector was no exception. Although a lot of firms continued to work at a steady, or even accelerated rate, promotions and job changes plateaued. This change was to be expected due to global lockdowns, redundancies, and the introduction of the furlough scheme in the UK. 

Now that we are mid-way through Q2, we wanted to share some insights we gathered from 2020, specifically on London Partner hires. 

In 2020, we identified 275 partner hires by the leading UK Intl/Global, US and UK independent firms; this compares to 361 in 2019, 345 in 2018 and 357 in 2017. The drop in hires represents a 22% decrease compared to the number of hires in 2019 and a 23% decrease to the previous three-year rolling average.

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