Our Expertise


Executive Search

We specialise in sourcing talent of the utmost calibre. Our partners, with over four decades of experience between them, have developed trusting relationships with a wide range
of contacts in their respective areas of expertise. We have completed multiple retained mandates over the years, with a 95%+ completion rate.

Market Intelligence and Competitor Analysis

Market Intelligence is the foundation of Halkin. We have entrenched relationships with senior partners in practice, in house, and across multiple jurisdictions. This means we are uniquely positioned to benefit from extensive information, insight, and wisdom. Subsequently, our market analysis is rigorous, accurate, and comprehensive. This provides clients with a comprehensive understanding, allowing them to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Market Mapping and Commentary

Our researchers have the experience and technical prowess to undertake complex and extensive market mapping projects for clients. Such processes include providing analysis on competitors, teams and individuals. Our insights have numerous applications and allow our clients to finesse and coordinate their growth strategies accordingly.

Independent Referencing

Independent referencing exercises are often required by clients to assess and validate a specific individual. We utilise our extensive range of resources to ensure a quality assessment is achieved, taking advice and opinion from the most trusted industry experts to conclude a thorough evaluation. Such exercises are crucial to the hiring strategies of clients who must ensure the correct candidate choice or face costly or even critical mistakes.



Our partners are aligned to specific practice areas, which allows us to build extensive talent networks together with an established client base. Our research team is an integral part of our business, delivering comprehensive, detailed and current market intelligence.

Bank Finance
Financial Services Regulation
Investment Funds
Restructuring and Insolvency
Capital Markets
US Securities

Track Record

Due to working with select clients and an established talent network, we can complete complex and business-critical mandates with finesse. Our 95%+ completion rate on assignments demonstrates this. Based in London, we undertake work on a global basis. Please see our representative experience and track record below.

Partner, Counsel, and Team Campaigns
PartnerCommercialUK Mid-Market Firm
TeamCommercialInternational Firm
PartnerCorporate M&ATop 20 UK Firm
PartnerCorporate M&ATop 25 UK Firm
PartnerCorporate M&AU.S Firm
PartnerCorporate M&AUS Firm (Hong Kong)
PartnerCorporate Private EquityTop 20 UK Firm
PartnerCorporate Private EquityU.S Firm
TeamFinanceU.S Firm
PartnerFinance/ AcquisitionU.S Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryTop 10 UK Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryTop 10 UK Firm (Hong Kong)
PartnerInvestment FundsWhite Shoe Firm
PartnerInfrastructureUK Mid-Market
PartnerInsuranceTop 10 UK Firm
PartnerInvestment FundsTop 10 UK Firm
PartnerInvestment FundsU.S Firm
PartnerIntellectual PropertyUK Boutique
PartnerLitigationTop 10 UK Firm
PartnerPrivate EquityU.S Firm
TeamPrivate EquityU.S Firm
PartnerPrivate EquityUK Mid-Market
TeamReal EstateUK Mid-Market
TeamRegulatory ESGWhite Shoe Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryInternational Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryInternational Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatorySilver Circle Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryU.S Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryWhite Shoe Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryWhite Shoe Firm
PartnerFinancial Services RegulatoryWhite Shoe Firm
PartnerRestructuringU.S Firm
CounselStructured FinanceU.S Firm
PartnerU.S SecuritiesU.S Firm
CounselU.S SecuritiesTop 15 UK Firm
Senior Associate and Associate Campaigns
AssociateBanking & FinanceUK Top 10 Firm
Senior AssociateBanking & FinanceUK Firm (Hong Kong)
Senior AssociateBanking & FinanceU.S Firm
AssociateCorporate M&AU.S Firm (Singapore)
AssociateCorporate M&AUK Top 10 Firm
Senior AssociateCorporate M&AUAE Firm (Dubai)
Senior AssociateCorporate M&AU.S Firm
AssociateCorporate Private EquityU.S Firm
Senior AssociateCorporateInternational Firm
AssociateESGU.S Firm
AssociateFinanceWhite Shoe Firm
Senior AssociateFinancial Services RegulationTop 10 UK Firm
Senior AssociateFinancial Services RegulationU.S Firm
AssociateInvestment FundsU.S Firm
AssociateInvestment FundsSilver Circle Firm
Senior AssociateInvestment FundsTop 10 UK Firm
AssociatePrivate EquityWhite Shoe Firm
Senior AssociateReal Estate FinanceTop 10 UK Firm
Senior AssociateFinancial Services RegulationSilver Circle Firm
Senior AssociateFinancial Services RegulationSilver Circle Firm
Senior AssociateRestructuringTop 10 UK Firm
Senior AssociateU.S SecuritiesU.S Firm